“We do not educate a child by telling him what he knows not but by making him what he was not.”

The Art School

The vibrant colour palette of nature is brought alive in the art classes. Dipsites are encouraged to explore their creativity with guidance from the educators. Dabbling with colours and paints of all types and experimenting with different materials and textures is part of the curriculum. Creation of murals is a recent addition. The pre-primary department is not far behind as little fingers are taught to play with colours and spray paint in geometric patterns. Boundless talent is unleashed in the craft classes as Dipsites are encouraged into giving life to designs on paper, beads, glass works and so on. Oil painting to oil pastels and wax crayons, glass painting to spray painting, sketching and the bold strokes of the tiny tots – Dipsites are taught to breathe life into a collage of activities.

Science Block

DPS, Gwalior has three Science laboratories

  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Physics laboratory
  • Biology laboratry

All three laboratories are looked after by separate lab incharges along with the help of lab assistants. They are well equipped with all facilities. In the junior block, there is an EVS laboratory where junior dipsites conduct experiments as little scientists. Apart from the laboratories, there are three classrooms used for interactive classes as visual aid.

The science park is an attractive educational area which aims at motivating students to enhance scientific and technical skills. It also sensitizes students towards the environment.

Science activities conducted in school

  • Sciece Olympiads
  • Projects
  • Working Models
  • Demonstration of experiments
  • Tree plantation and plant care
  • Visits
  • Science workshop
  • Science week celebration
  • Creative educational fun games
  • Books on ‘Food Adulteration’ and 'Book of Ideas' compiled by the science department


Fencing, a brilliant sport has been recently added as a new sports activity to enrich athletic ability, hand-eye coordination, agility and alertness in students of DPS Gwalior. It is a great cardiovascular exercise, which is beneficial to the body’s heart, health, endurance, and lung capacity. This helps to regulate cholesterol levels, improve circulation, and reduce the risk of heart disease. The physical health benefits of fencing also include increased flexibility. The arms, and legs all develop a good deal of flexibility in regular fencers. Practicing fencing regularly would sharpen accuracy of students benefiting both the body and the mind and be highly beneficial for an overall development of all students.


Music education plays an important role in a child’s overall development intellectually socially and emotionally. Music offers creative challenges and aesthetic appreciation as well as self expression and self discovery opportunities.
To foster emotional and practical maturity, personal and intellectual development in students school emphasizes on imparting appropriate music lessons in classical, folk and western music. Practical maturity is gained by the students at DPS Gwalior through music education where they learn time management, self assessment, the ability to accept criticism and performance skills. Music develops higher thinking skills, critical thinking and makes the students excellent problem solver. Throughout the session students participate in different Inter School Competitions at various levels and bring laurels to school.
Music plays a vital role in fostering personality trails and helps students to enrich their intelligence which would lead them to the path of success.

Language Lab

The Language lab is an integral part of our school which enhances the language of students. Language Lab. is power packed with an array of comprehensive study materials. Various activities like miming and role plays are carried out using CDs and cassettes. This lab is extensively used for teaching correct pronunciation both in English and Hindi. Students' Listening skills are horned in the lab with the help of Speeches, Songs and Documentaries.

Sports Facilities

Sports and games empower students and promote higher self esteem. It also motivates students, and enables them to develop their social and physical skills. Students learn to adapt to different situations. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Rightly said so that education without activities is always incomplete. Education is the car and Sports is the key to drive on towards the success.
Sports facilities provided to the students at DPS, Gwalior cater to all the requisitive aspects of physical and mental growth of all the students. School offers a tremendous prospect to expand students potential in indoor as well as outdoor games. Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Tai Kwon do, Chess, Carrom, Badminton and Fencing instill in the students a spirit of self confidence, self reliance, discipline, justice, fair play and patriotism.
Outdoor games such as Cricket,Lawn Tennis, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field events and Skating keep the students alert, active and highly energetic.
Regular sports help the students to improve their blood circulation, boost metabolism and regulates the respiration and digestive system.
Students participate in various Inter School, Inter DPS CBSE, Dstrict, State,National and International level sports championship to exhibit their talent and bring laurels to their school and family.
The existing training facilities in sports have been upgraded and expanded which will help the students to develop team spirit, respect and follow the rules of games thus framing them into citizens of principles.

Computer Lab

Computer has become an integral part of our life. It now finds its use in every aspect of human existence. Soon a time will come when every man on this planet will need to be a computer savvy to be able to stay one step ahead in this competitive world. The above requirement can be fulfilled at a place known as computer lab. Where we can do handon practical to learn and understand the concepts and logics of various software’s in efficient manner. Without a lab, a person will only have theoretical knowledge not practical and in todays world practicals are more important than theory. So it is well said that the lab is a workshop to develop our brains.
The school is proud to have well developed computer labs wherein students get plenty of opportunities to work separately. Internet facility is also available and used in the supervision of the computer educator. Students are motivated to prepare presentations individually, introduced with the concepts of web designing, prepared to work on various languages like Python, C, C++, VB. Dot Net and many more.

The Audio-Visual lab

The Audio-Visual lab provides important aids for language learning and sociolinguistic skills. Students watch movies and improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. As it is rightly said that I hear, I forget I see, I remember I do, I understand Audio- visual lab caters to the need of students to stimulate their retention power and interest


A well maintained fleet of buses traverses the city ferrying students from their homes to school and vice-versa. The routes of school are drawn up based on convenience and demand while ensuring that no route is overly long.
Our transport facility is fully equipped to provide the safest and the most convenient transport solution. Each bus is equipped with First-Aid Box,CCTV Cameras,speed governors and other facilities. The Driver and helper of the buses are provided mobile phones to ensure easy monitoring of each route. All the buses have got educators on duty.
Note: For further enquiry contact - Mr Harish Arora(Transport Incharge) (Mob no. - 8226003200)

Activity & Doll Room

This is a colourful, lively, air conditioned room which provides favourable atmosphere where students open up. There are different varieties of toys which are both educational and recreational. Like soft toys, balls, blocks of numbers, alphabet tree, buttoning, zipping, lace up, frames, building blocks, aiming games, snap set pool, trampoline, balancing for concentration, ladder, numeric and alphabet mats etc. to enhance the fine and gross motor skills of students.
Activity room is well equipped with smart class where students watch cartoon movies, moral stories, educational videos which includes phonics, action songs, word power, etc. to make the learning interactive and fun loving. Comprehension and Vocabulary is improved during circle time.
Puppet show is also organized in the activity room. Students practice on mic practice to ameliorate public speaking. Different competitions and activities are organized for building self confidence, creativity and positive attitude among students.
Here the students do social activities that develop the sense of being part of a group. It allows students to share experiences and develop communications and collaborative skills. Activity room is a great motivational platform for enhancing positive behaviour in the children.